By managing offenders in the community, we protect the public from the effects of crime, and give offenders the chance to turn their lives around.

We work closely with people throughout the criminal justice system, victims of crime, charities and the wider community. There are huge challenges in what we do. However, for the right person, it’s an immensely rewarding career.

We’ve updated our processes and the qualifications you need to have, and provided lots of information about how to get them. You’ll find this on our Eligibility and Apply page.

Throughout this site, you’ll discover what we do as a service, how we fit in with the wider criminal justice system – and how you can join us. Continue exploring this site to see how we’re cutting crime and protecting the public.

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Our purpose

We protect the public in conjunction with the police, prisons and courts.

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You be the judge

Sit in the judge's chair and see how sentencing decisions are made.

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