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Be the future of the service

Everyone who trains to be a Probation Officer has their own reasons for joining the service. But above anything else, this is your chance to directly influence the safety of our community. What we do has a significant impact on society – and with the Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP) programme, you’ll be given the tools and training needed to be a part of it.

The training and role

PQiP is a work-based learning programme that combines skills development and applied academic study. You will develop your knowledge and understanding by working with offenders and completing a vocational qualification, as well as academic assignments with the approved university provider.

Our PQiP programme combines distance learning with face-to-face workshops and seminars as you work towards your PQiP qualification. During this time, you’ll be fully supported by your assessor and line manager, as well as your tutor at the university.

There are two pathways for you to earn your PQiP qualification. Which one you take will depend on your previous experience and core knowledge. 


15 month programme

Our 15 month programme has been designed for applicants who have a Level 5 qualification, which contains at least 3 of the 4 below required knowledge modules:

  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Understanding Crime and Criminal Behaviour
  • Penal Policy and the Punishment of Offenders
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders
21 month programme

Our 21 month programme has been designed for applicants with a Level 5 qualification but have no previous education in criminology or similar. If you are assessed to be suitable for this course, you’ll spend your first 6 months completing up to 4 of the required knowledge modules outlined, before going on to the PQiP element of the programme.


Who can join?

By providing two kinds of training programme, we’re able to offer career opportunities to applicants from a broad range of backgrounds. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just completed a qualification or you’ve had a previous career, but you will need some relevant experience to be eligible to apply. This can be gained through either paid or voluntary work in any agency that involves working with the kind of challenging behaviour we see from offenders.

The salary

During your training you will be employed as a Probation Service Officer earning £22,039 plus London Weighting Allowance of £3,889 p.a. where this applies. For the Buckingham and Oxfordshire, Dorset, Kent and Norfolk and Suffolk Local Delivery Units only a Market Forces Allowance of £1,100 p.a. applies.

We offer a generous annual leave allowance of 25 days plus eight public holidays and you will also have the option to join the Local Government Pension Scheme. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be eligible to apply for a position as a qualified Probation Officer on a starting salary of £29,038 p.a. plus London Weighting Allowance or Market Forces Allowance, where this applies.

The qualification

Once you've qualified, you'll continue to grow and develop as a Probation Officer. No two days are ever the same here, so you'll learn from each new situation that arises as you begin to build your career. All the while, you will be making a real difference to offenders and the public and helping reduce the risk of reoffending. Qualified Probation Officers can expect to work for the NPS in each of the following areas during their career:

  • Prison – working with high risk offenders during their sentence to prepare them for release (if this is appropriate). This means undertaking skilled work with prisoners to enable them to change and reduce the likelihood of reoffending or causing significant harm. Probation Officers will work alongside prison officers to resettle offenders. The role of Probation Officers within prison establishments is to use their expertise in risk assessment and management and to work with community teams towards reducing risk in the community upon release.
  • Court – working with a dedicated court team to prepare pre-sentence reports and to give advice to the court. The emphasis here is increasingly on preparing reports on the day to help Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service to do their job – and achieve justice in the most efficient way possible.
  • Community – managing offenders on community orders or who have been released on licence from prison. This means promoting resettlement and rehabilitation, reducing reoffending and managing risk.


After the programme

Once you’ve completed the programme, you’ll be able to apply for a role as a Probation Officer (PO) however you will remain on contract as a Probation Service Officer (PSO) until you successfully apply. While training with us, you will gain experience of working with ‘high risk of serious harm’ offenders and you’ll be fully equipped to deal with all the different kinds of offenders in our care. Together, we can cut offending, protect communities, and give offenders the opportunity to become active members of society.

To find out more about the Programme, download the PQiP PDF here

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