HMPPS Contracted University Providers


Before applying, HMPPS will need to make sure that you have a level 5 or above qualification and check that you have covered the required knowledge modules. This is done by HMPPS' contracted university providers using a process called the Gateway Assessment Service.

These are the only universities approved and contracted by HMPPS to deliver Community Justice Learning (CJL) and the Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP).

Please contact any one of the universities to begin the process of getting your unique GAS ID Number or to find out more about the services and learning they can offer you and their associated fees.

De Montfort University
Telephone: 0116 257 7700

Sheffield Hallam University
Telephone: 0114 225 3482

University of Portsmouth
Telephone: 02392 843 984

Services and learning available to individuals:

  • Gateway Assessment Service
  • Level 5 required knowledge modules (4 stand-alone modules)
  • Level 4 access route assignment / module
  • Level 5 access route full award (120 credits)

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