There are many reasons why a career as a probation officer can be rewarding.

We asked some of our current and former trainees what joining the service has helped them to achieve.


Probation officer

You learn so much, liaising with different services and agencies.

Venetia had always been interested in a criminal justice career. But while her degree studies gave her a good grounding, it’s her people skills that really matter.

What makes a good probation officer?

“Someone who enjoys working with different people, who likes the idea of facilitating change.”


Probation officer

My proudest moment was when I qualified.

Harvey’s training gave him all the tools to be a great probation officer. Now he’s applying it to make a real difference to the lives of people on probation.

What makes a good probation officer?

“Teamwork is really important in this role. You get a lot of help and support from your team and they’ll often help you out.”


Current PQiP Learner

You learn on the job and that’s really beneficial.

Tony had worked in a homeless hostel, so already had experience of helping people move forward in life. Now he’s enjoying learning more, with the support and advice of experienced team-mates.

What makes a good probation officer?

“As well as being analytical, understanding and a good people person, you do need to be able to do administrative work.”


Senior probation officer

You develop a lot of transferrable skills.

Nicola talks about the many reasons to apply, including scope for movement across HMPPS and the wider Civil Service.

What makes a good probation officer?

“To be good at this job you have to be able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see it from their viewpoint.”