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Choosing your location

During the PQiP application process, you will be asked to rank your preference of Probation Delivery Unit (PDU) within your chosen Probation region. This is the geographical area where your office will be located. Please ensure you are happy with the PDU preference you select, as once your training begins we may not be able to facilitate moves to other PDUs or regions. Upon successful completion of your PQiP training, you will qualify as a Probation Officer, and your office location will be allocated to you by the business.

As this is part of a national campaign, we are looking into financial relocation packages that may be available in some regions should there be an excess number of applicants.

Talks are ongoing between the Probation Service and recognised trade unions on proposals to introduce a business need requirement which, subject to the outcome of those forthcoming talks, may result in a requirement for new PQiPs to remain within the region in which they have trained for at least two years post-qualification. As part of these proposals, we would ensure that compassionate or reasonable adjustment transfers continue to be considered in accordance with Probation Service policy. If implemented, such criteria would not affect your right to apply for promotions during the period outside of your region.

Bespoke Public Interest Transfer (PIT) Scheme

For applicants who would consider a permanent move to Kent, Surrey and Sussex, East of England or London, there is a possibility of a Bespoke Public Interest Transfer (PIT) scheme. This covers certain costs involved in relocating, up to a defined amount.

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